The Return of Travel Polls!
....and other updates

It's been a wild few weeks: launch, Independence day, Comic Con, family staycation, submitting a piece for an art show (my very first!), and of course the required collapse afterward, because, seriously? That was amazing! And now, I'm checking in before heading off to the Burn.

Real quick: If you've never been to - or even heard of - Burning Man, then I highly recommend checking it out. This is my 7th year. To give you an inkling, here are some photos from earlier burns:

My first Burn '06
© Tricky Fish Photography. All rights reserved.

El Pulpo Mecanico
Yes, it's a steampunk octopus...that shoots flame.
© Tricky Fish Photography. All rights reserved.

Tasseograph Trash Tea Temple '06
© Tricky Fish Photography. All rights reserved.

A ship in the desert.
Your argument is invalid.
© Tricky Fish Photography. All rights reserved.

Suffice it to say, my brain isn't exactly on blogging right now...or much of anything else. I'm heading to meet up with over 60,000 people to a swath of desert we all call "home." So...yeah.

In the meantime, as I make final preparations for departure, I am implementing some new things for the fall and winter that I'm very excited about. We're going to start regular Tutorials, Reviews & Recommendations, "Best-of" lists, and have some fun with quotes. And now... it's time for the return of the travel poll!

I am so appreciative of the participation in these polls up to this point. It's given me some new insights, not the least of which being how I should continue with them. While I love collecting the raw data, I've decided to make this a monthly thing, rather than a weekly one. You're welcome.

Now, each poll will still only be open for a week, so don't hesitate. These polls really only take 10 seconds (and will now be called "Third Thursday 10s Travel Polls"...or T3 Polls, for short, heh). They're short. Unless you happen to be really philosophical, and I'm hoping some of these inspire that. As such, I'm relaunching the previous poll, and I think it's pretty important. In this one, we debate....


That's right. Transporters. And you know why? Because where are they? I was promised transporters in my youth. Get to work, science.

...ahem. At any rate, by the time they are functionally invented, we will have solved one of the many important debates that will inevitably surround them: whether the use of such a fast method of transportation will kill our desire to travel by other, more conventional means.

So cast your vote; let the debate rage! Or, you know, just click on it, right there...on the side. ⤴

*whispers* You know you want to...


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