I've been traveling since shortly after I emerged into this world. A born gypsy and daughter of a military family, I have traveled to more than 40 states and five countries, and I have no intention of stopping. Recently, I moved back to Iowa from Austin, TX to live with my grama on the family farm. While here, I am moving towards the lifestyle that I most want: freedom. Freedom to travel, follow my dreams, and keep my own hours while doing it. If you want to know more about that, please visit my Patreon page:

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This site will be part blog, part resource center. I will mostly be chronicling my process as I resume my travel passion and build... a tiny house on wheels. Oh, yes. My very own gypsy caravan. In addition, I will be adding all kinds of goodies to slake (or inflame) your home- and wanderlust: quotes, photos, videos, polls, how-to's, reviews and recommendations of products, sites, locations, books, movies and more, all to inspire the dreams of wanderers like me. Welcome to my adventure.

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