Summer of Color:
The ATX Farewell Tour -
Part I: Home Is Where the Weird Is

Austin is known as the Live Music
Capital of the world.
Ah, Texas. Texas is...well, it's weird. It's so weird, that its capital even took that as its motto. No, really, "Keep Austin Weird" is a thing, and they're serious about that shit. It really is one of the most eccentric cities in the world, and no little part of that has to do with its relationship to Texas. As my brother Jaya and I have often said:

"This is Austin: individuality or death.
...but this is also Texas, so don't think we won't go for death."

Texas Bluebonnets
Texas itself is huge: it ranks second largest in both land size and population [according to 2013 census]. Within this enormous land mass there are multiple terrains & climates: desert, forest, plains, swamps, and even some beaches & mountains. It's broken up by winding rivers and a plethora of decent-sized lakes. It gets hit with droughts and floods, hurricanes on the coast, tornadoes on the plains, dust storms, and even snow. Driving across this vast state, you can't help but be hit with the marked differences...even if it takes most of a day to reach them. 

And set right there in central Texas's Hill Country is Austin, Texas's capital.

The Summer of Color: Beginning a New Journey

The last six months have been one hell of a journey, and now that I am back and recuperated (mostly) from my travels, have I got a few stories to tell. I'd love to get into all of it right here, and I'm sure the rambling mess that was hurled onto the screen would be entertaining at the very least. Still, I maintain a semblance of composure, and I prepare for an enormous series of posts and photos showcasing this period of time to be launched over the next few weeks: 

It's going to take months to share, but that's okay, right? I mean, we're buckling down for winter, yes? Which means we not only need something to do when huddling indoors from the frigid darkness but also need inspiration to plan for next year. (I'm already prepping trips for next spring.) So read on to see where this journey is going, and get prepared to feel a little wanderlust. But, first....

Why the "Summer of Color"?

Anyone who knows me well, knows I eschew (I've been using that word a lot...wonder if that means anything....nah) bright colors. I dress in black, gray, and various shades of muted greens. So what could possess me to write an entire series based on a color theme? Well, it all starts, oddly enough, with knitting.

A knitted cap from one of our
favorite yarn store haunts