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...and now for something completely different...

This week, I decided to open things up to my readers. While I have plenty of articles planned for the future, I want to hear from you. Maybe there are some sights, products, movies, etc., you'd like to see reviewed. What travel questions would you like answered on Ransomed Roads? Have some "best-of" lists you'd like to see? Or "how-to's?" Let me do the research. After all, I'm probably going to do it eventually, anyway...because try and stop me from researching, or watching travel movies...  So, let's make this more fun for everyone!

So, drop a question or suggestion in the comments below. You don't have to have an account. This is a forum post, so we can discuss, post opinions, get into philosophical debates over whether The Hobbit is a travel movies or a fantasy movie...y'know whatever strikes our fancy.

You can also check in on Facebook. I'll keep a post going for it here:

Let's play...

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