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With everything else in our lives, who has time for polls? This one takes only 10 seconds. It's right over there on the right, top of the column. Read on if you want to learn more about this week's choice.

This Week’s Poll:

Why I Chose This One:

This one got me curious (I have a feeling that's going to be a trend). Last week's poll had one lead: beaches. People are apparently drawn to beaches. However, there were only six total votes, including myself. I feel that's not a large enough cross section. I decided to give last week's another chance, so I'm leaving it up for just one more week, and I'm adding another poll for this week based on my stats so far. I'll post the results for both next week, so stay tuned!

You see, I've always loved the ocean, but I've never gotten the fascination with the beach. I associate beaches with sand in my swimsuit and too much heat, of which neither I am a fan. Don't get me wrong; I'll take a beachy ocean over no ocean any day. I simply prefer my beaches craggy, my oceans viewed from atop precariously windswept cliffs with water swirling underneath, and the certainty that I would assuredly die should the cliff decide it wished to plummet into the ocean like a lemming.

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