Minute Muse Monday:
Stretch the Mind

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience
can never go back to its old dimensions."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
I'm full of kinetic energy as I finish my final preparations for the Burn...namely, packing. As I dig through my supplies, some of which are still completely covered in Playa dust*, I can remember previous Burns, like they were it was the first. Going to Burning Man the first time was like the above quote multiplied exponentially ...and then blasted into space on fire. It was a moment in my life that I have never forgotten. And so I will be heading back there yet again, and in that spirit, I want to share that joy...a joy I think all travelers get, no matter where they go.

What experiences stretched your mind? Share below in the comments!

*Playa dust is what we call the dust of the prehistoric alkali lake upon which the Burn event is held each year. The dust is finer than any I've ever seen. It is like powdered silk to touch, and yet lengthy exposure can cause major physical problems. "Playa foot" refers to deep, painful cracks in the soles of the feet from the drying nature of the dust. You can neutralize some of the drying effects with the judicious application of vinegar, but stilll...  Truly, it is a testament to how amazing this event is that so many of us return again and again, subjecting ourselves to this and the many other dangers that abound.

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