News & Updates: Summer/Autumn

Where I Have Been...

I've been a little neglectful on here. Sorry about that. It's been a busy, busy year, folks. I've been trying to get some long-awaited projects going. If you haven't been checking out my sister blog, System Andromeda, you should definitely read my Quarterly Review post to see the result of the last few months.

One project that affects Ransomed Roads is the creation of a new photography website: Tricky Fish Photography.

I've you've been keeping up with my Ransomed Roads Instagram, you've seen some of my photos already. You can also follow my Tricky Fish Instagram.

I also did a little travel this year, both to the East Coast (family stuff) and to Las Vegas. But not enough...never enough.


Now, the big news while I've been so busy is the creation of my Patreon page...and you can be a part of it! Patreon connects creatives with the audience that loves them. It allows them to engage more with each other through exclusive content on a membership-based platform for as little as $1/month. I love it. It means I get to keep creating, and you get to keep getting the benefit of that which I create. Note the orange button up on the right-hand side? Go check out my page, see what you think, and if you like what you see, if you like what I do here, I encourage you to become a patron. Remember, patrons will not only keep getting posts here, but they will also get exclusive and advanced content that is only on Patreon! 

What's Next...

I'm deciding the direction I want Ransomed Roads to go in future. There are many things I'd like to do, and it's a matter of how those will fit in with all my other projects (seriously, if you haven't see what all I do, read that Quarterly Review post). For now, I can tell you that I plan on doing a new periodic (monthly?) series on here highlighting local sites and events in the Council Bluffs/Omaha Metro area. I still plan to chronicle my journey to financial and personal freedom building a tiny house. I'm tabling it until at least the start of next year while I work on other projects, but there will be a bunch of stuff on here once I get started (you can get even more news on my Patreon!). I'm hoping to get my Vegas posts out by the end of the year, and continue working on Summer of Color in the new year. For now, this is my last post until at least mid-November. 

I hope everyone is having an excellent autumn (or spring, for my southern hemisphere readers!). Stay tuned and happy travels, fellow gypsies!

What do you think?

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