Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo: Asian Highland Opening

Recently, I got invited to the opening of the first phase of the new Asian Highlands exhibit at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. I went with my brother (who works there and extended the invite) and my friend Christina. We grabbed our cameras to get a few shots. Check it out!

Exhibit Entrance

Red Panda

Someone is adorable - Red Panda

Pere David’s Deer

Indian Rhino

Rhino & Deer Paddock

White-naped Crane

The exhibit will be expanding over the next year to include tigers, snow leopards, and sloth bears (oh, my!), as well as interactive exhibits for children. You can get more info on it here.

After checking out the exhibit, we decided to walk around a bit more, and managed to get a few more shots. Click on them to enlarge.

This geese family had absolutely no interest in us.

There is a large number of flowers

Sea Lion family chillin' in the sun.

Most likely mama and baby

"What was that?"

Big Papa and one of the little ones

King of the Rock

Koi Fish at the Lagoon- that top one was eager for snacks.


And just when you think it's safe....

These birds are not afraid of you.

"Where are our snacks?"

"No, seriously, have you got anything to eat?"

Beautiful goose

Leaving the zoo...until next time!

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